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Use of Images

If you want to reproduce any images please first contact Nicola Slattery as she owns the copyright to all images of her work. Images can be freely used for purposes of review, education and non commercial use provided that the work is clearly acknowledged as being by Nicola Slattery. Images have been used in leaflets, and on web sites and there is usually no charge provided they are acknowledged clearly as by Nicola Slattery and a link to, or details of this web site are clearly given. Images have also been used in several books and on covers. These are also usually used freely where print runs are fairly small (ie under 2000) but permission must be sought in advance and a couple of copies of the book will be welcomed. 


For an interesting and very good example of the use of images on a web site please visit this web site of of a psychotherapist working in Israel:

Images used on the covers of poeatry books . To see examples visit: 

Weekend Art Courses in 2024  

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Studio Phone Contact:


UK: 01986 788853


+44 1986 788853

calls welcome any day

9am - 9pm UK time



Studio visits are always welcome but please try and ring the day before if possible to make sure it's open - or take a chance - you will probably find the studio open between 10am and 5pm most days including weekends. But if making a special journey please call 01986 788853 to make sure. 

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