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Here are just a few selected comments of the critics and reviewers on Nicola Slattery's work.

"...her works have a calm, meditative air."  

"Nicola's style seems natural and uncontrived, her imagery is ethereal, soft and contemplative, in the traditions of artists such as Marc Chagall or Odilon Redon."

Susie Hodge, The Artist magazine January 2017  

See a "taster" of the article at:  The Artist magazine

"Book of Cats" one of several paintings by Nicola Slattery featured in "The Artist" magazine: January 2017

"This wonderfully diverse exhibition..... archetypal figures of compelling enigmatic inwardness... powerfully original contemporary composition.."

Philip Vann on Nicola Slattery's "Human Nature" exhibition at the Fosse Gallery April 2015. (Philp Vann is the author of Face to Face: British Self Portraits in the Twentieth Centuary, and numerous books and catalogue essays on modern British and Irish art)

"...the deeply imaginative fantasies of East Anglian based painter Nicola Slattery ..."  " Paintings of peaceful thoughtfulness, her densely textured and richly coloured figures - lovers, single figures, birds and animals, set against landscapes of an almost medieval detail and vibrancy and inspired both by fiction and myth and events or emotions experienced - can hardly be bettered as expressions of a fertile imaginative fantasy." 

Nicholas Usherwood, writing in Galleries Magazine. April 2015 

"Hat Trick" - an acrylic painting on wood panel.

"One could call Nicola Slattery's work "haunting" and "surreal" - and it certainly is both - but her images also have a certain quality that defies analysis, and which brings one back to look at them again and again"

Helen Clarke - East Anglian Daily Times -  21 May 2001

"This is magical art, pure, humorous and strong".

Sister Wendy Beckett, Television art commentator, March 2007

"The often barefoot personae she portrays - a man reading to enchanted birds whose delightfully awry shapes recall childlike perspectives of 18th and 19th centuary itinerant naive painters; a young girl, with hauntingly transfixed eyes..."

Philip Vann. 2012

"Reading to Birds" a painting by Nicola Slattery.

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