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 Weekend Art Courses - Dates for 2023 

Bookings for weekend art courses are being taken now.

All of the weekend art courses are suitable for beginners. Choose from: 

  • Painting with Acrylics 
  • Art from Imagination 
  • Printmaking Weekend 

Dates for weekend art courses in 2023 can be found below. 


There are still a few places on the art courses in October and November. An extra Printmaking date in November has been added due to demand.

The autumn in Norfolk is such a lovely "season of mists and mellow fruitfiullness"Please book your weekend art course place now for maximum choice of art courses and the lovely nearby accommodation. 

Refering to the Printmaking Weekend art courses:

Christine Angell posted on FaceBook  17th October 2022

"I can thoroughly recommend this weekend. Skills I learnt with Nicola Slattery have stayed with me to this day. Great teacher!"

Payment for Weekend Art Courses

Please check availability and reserve your art course place prior to making payment by email to or by telephone to 01986 788853 any day 9am to 9pm. Reserved places are then held for 24 hours ahead of payment. Please scoll down for full terms and conditions for all the weekend art courses.

Please pay for your weekend art course place via the secure PayPal link below - most payment cards are accepted: 

Weekend Art Courses PayPal payment link

Pay for your weekend art course using PayPal. No account needed as most cards are accepted. Click on the drop down box below for all three options. If you have any problem with it please phone 01986 788853 or email the address below. Full terms and conditions are set out below. Thanks.

Weekend Art Courses

You do not need a PayPal account as most cards are accepted. To reserve your place prior to payment or if you have any problem using the link please email or phone 01986 788853 

The Cartlodge - art studio loctaed in lovely rural south Norfolk.

There are many great places to stay nearby. Please scoll down the page to find a list of places. Many are dog friendly and a couple are in walking distance of the studio.  


Idyllic Art Studio location with many footpaths and country lanes to explore, also great places to stay nearby - please see the list below. 

To check availablity of places on the art courses or to reserve an art course place please email:

'Earth Letter' 

an acrylic painting 

Weekend Art Courses for 2023

​Bookings are now open for weekend art courses in 2023. Booking early secures your place and will also enable the best choice of nearby accommodation. A list of places is provided below. Please scroll down. Weekend Art Courses are subject to any restrictions the Government may decide upon. Please read the terms and conditions below. Most local accommodation providers take a flexible  approach but please check their conditions with them when booking. 

Weekend art courses places available: Updated 20th May 2023

  • Painting with Acrylics  - 10 & 11  June      fully booked
  • Printmaking                            - 17 & 18 June      fully booked
  • Art from Imagination     - 24 & 25 June      fully booked
  • Art from Imagination    - 14 & 15 October    - 6 places
  • Painting with Acrylics  - 21 & 22 October fully booked
  • Printmaking                       - 4 & 5  November  fully booked
  • Painting with Acrylics  - 11 & 12 November - 4 places
  • Printmaking                     - 25 & 26  November  - 4 places 

A weekend art course in progress.     (photo taken pre covid19) 

Post Covid tables remain individual and approximately 1.5 metres apart. 

Every participant is an individual and so is every painting. 

Expect to learn, create your own art and have fun! 

If the weather permits - and it usually does - feel free to paint  by the pond but please expect visits from dragonflys, hens, cats, a dog and maybe even a duck or pheasant. 

Weekend Art Courses in 2023 - the number of places on each course has been reduced from 10 to 8 for safe social distancing and  the art course fee is now £225 for weekend art courses in 2023 with a maximum of eight people on each weekend art course. 

​Beginners are welcome on all of these weekend art courses.

To discuss any aspect of the weekend art courses please give Nicola a call. Nicola will be pleased to describe just what you can expect and will freely offer advice. Complete beginners are welcome on all of the weekend art courses and so are experienced artists wanting to explore or develop new techniques. The small group size on the  art courses enables each person to be taught as an individual.   

Tel:  01986 788 853 -  any day 9am - 6pm.

or email : 

Please include your phone number for a call back.


drypoint print.


Discover Printmaking  on a weekend art course in beautiful Norfolk. 


Printmaking Weekend Art Courses


Beginners welcome!

Many wonderful places to stay nearby.

Nicola Slattery has been tutoring art, printmaking and painting courses, classes and workshops, art holidays and painting breaks for over thirty years. She believes in building confidence, clear teaching of technique and having fun. More than half of past participants on the art courses have returned to do another art course or painting holiday, either trying something new on a Painting with Acrylics weekend or developing their artistic skills and style - perhaps discovering Printmaking or exploring Art from Imagination


Every weekend art course is suitable for beginners or those who want to extend and develop their skills. Weekend art courses cover the following:

  • Painting with Acrylics,
  • Printmaking
  • Art from Imagination.

The materials and equipment are provided on all of the painting and art courses along with a buffet lunch. This means all you have to do is turn up and enjoy your painting or printmaking course without the worry of buying any unfamiliar items. With many lovely places to stay nearby (see list below) many people turn their weekend art course into a short art holiday or long weekend art break. Don't worry if you haven't done any painting or art for a long time, or since school as beginners are very welcome on all the art courses. 

Nicola with friend outside the lovely rural Norfolk studio.

The weekend art courses take place at Nicola Slattery's lovely rural art studio in south Norfolk. It's near the border with Suffolk surrounded by lovely unspoilt countryside. There are many excellent and reasonably priced places to stay nearby including farmhouse B & B's and old country Inns. To see a list of recommended nearby accommodation please scroll to the bottom of this page.  There is also lots to keep any non-painting partners happy - great countryside for walks and cycling, historic market towns to explore, rivers for fishing, golf courses and the heritage Suffolk coast in under 40 mins.

The address of the venue for the weekend art courses is:

The Cartlodge, Mill Road, Alburgh, Harleston, Norfolk, IP20 0DS
Tel: 01986 788853

What to Expect of the Art Courses.

All of the weekend art courses have a maximum of just eight participants. This enables the tuition to be tailored to each individual so that you learn and develop the things that are important to you. Beginners and others with experience are all welcome. Whatever your level of artistic ability, confidence or experience, a weekend art course will help you on your artistic journey. All the materials and equipment needed are provided and included in the art course fee. Each person has their own individual table and space. There is very good light and ventilation. 


The first day of the art courses begins at 9.30 with refreshments and introductions. Every one usually has very different levels of previous experience. This is not a problem but an advantage as there is nothing "right" or "wrong" with art - just different ways of seeing, expressing and communicating. We work through the morning, taking the freely available tea, coffee and biscuits as and when we choose, until about 1pm when we break for a vegetarian buffet lunch. The afternoon continues until around 4.45 with a tidy up before leaving at around 5pm. The second day follows a similar pattern. Some people will work on two or three different images over the weekend whilst others may focus on just one. Everyone is different and Nicola will work with you as an individual on the goals you agree on.      

  • Painting with Acrylics

This is a fantastic weekend for discovering the full potential of the wonderful medium of acrylic paints. Often misunderstood and under used, the heavy body acrylics favoured by Nicola Slattery are ideal for beginners embarking upon their painting journey. They are also used by increasing numbers of professional artists as more versatile alternatives to the traditional oils and water colour. If they had been around in the past then the masters would have definitely used them! All of Nicola Slattery's widely exhibited paintings are painted using the same acrylic paints provided for use on this weekend art course. On this weekend art course you will be encouraged to develop your own style and to paint that which inspires you. You will learn how to layer the paint, to mix colour, basics of composition and useful tips and 'tricks of the trade' such as the use of the 'stay wet palette' and much more.   

  • Art from Imagination

A similar weekend art course in many ways to the "painting with acrylics" weekend. The basics of using acrylics and colour together with composition and   other elements will all be addressed as required. The difference is simply one of emphasis with this weekend focussing upon using imagination as a starting point for your work. Albert Einstein is quoted: "logic will take you from A to B but imagination can take you anywhere."  Who knows where this weekend art course can take you!

  • Printmaking Weekend 

The two techniques you will be able to master on this weekend art course are COLLAGRAPH and DRYPOINT. Both are ideal for anyone new to printmaking and will be extremely interesting to printmakers familiar with other techniques. Both are safe, versatile and direct forms of printmaking which do not require any dangerous chemicals or complicated methods. Expect to create several prints using each technique and to have a lot of fun. 

Collagraph - the word is based on the Greek - kolla = glue and graph = draw/write. This technique uses a sturdy card base which can have material applied or stuck to it (eg, lace, sandpaper, greaseproof, string, etc) or can be cut into. The plate is varnished then inked before passing through a press to transfer the image to the dampened paper.

Drypoint - opposite of a wet point - ie no acid! A steel needle is used to draw or inscribe the line into a perspex plate. The line is both an incision or scratch and also a "furrow" or raised burr which creates the beautiful velvety line. The plate is then inked and passed through a press with dampened paper.

'A Flowering Mind'


This is a collagraph print made using a card based plate. Collagraph and Drypoint are both taught on the Printmaking Weekend art courses. You don't need any previous experience to attend a Printmaking art course and beginners are always welcome.



All the materials and equipment needed for all the weekend art courses are provided and included in the art course fee. 

coronavirus (COVID-19) 

A specific "Risk Assessment" has been undertaken and the steps taken are set out at the bottom of this page:  


Many accommodation providers have introduced flexible booking arangements so that deposits are not lost in the event of cancelation due to government restrictions. Please check with your accommodation provider when booking. 


For 2023 there will be a maximum of just 8 people per art course subject to any changes to official guidance on social distancing. Each person has their own individual table, windows are open providing good ventilation and masks may be worn  - but they are not compulsory unless official rules and advice changes again. Art courses began again in June 2021 and all have gone smoothly and very enjoyably. Your tutor is fully vaccinated and boosted !  


Please see revised terms and conditions below. It is possible that you may be forced to cancel your place at short notice or that a course may have to cancelled at short notice due to government restrictions or advice. In which case the watch words will be flexibility and forbearance. No liability can be accepted for any incidental costs such as travel or accommodation but postponement and rescheduling will be attempted in the event of any Covid 19 getting in the way of your course. Please check in advance of your booking with any travel or accommodation providers that they will also take a helpful approach. You may also wish to consider your travel insurance options regarding course fees, travel and accommodation.     To discuss any aspect of the weekend art courses please telephone: 01986 788853 any day 9am - 9pm   

To see some examples of work produced on previous weekend art courses please click here: Examples of Past Art Course work by participants

Weekend Art Courses -

Fees, Terms and Conditions


Weekend Art Courses: Fees, terms and and conditions:
Weekend Art Courses: The total art course fee of £225 for 2023 includes provision of materials and equipment for the course. A vegetarian buffet lunch is also provided each day and included in the art course fee. 
There are cheaper weekend art courses but please check how many participants and if everything is provided, eg: lunch, refreshments, materials and equipment in order to make a fair comparison.


A deposit of £100 secures the booked place with the balance of £125 due 6 weeks prior to the course. There are a maximum of eight participants on each course so you can be sure of individual tuition and support. Each person has their own table to work at. The studio is well ventilated, warm and well lit. 


Deposits and Balances - important information: 

coronavirus (COVID-19) Please see addition to terms below: 

In order to ensure an orderly booking process deposits are non-refundable and non transferable - unless due to the government advice or restrictions arising from Covid 19 in which case the deposit will be transfered to another course of your choice subject to places being available. 

Any Non payment of the balance by the due date can imply cancellation and the deposit may be forfeited. It is the course participants responsibility to ensure the balance is paid by the due date and reminders are not normally issued. Places are limited to only eight participants per course and bookings are turned away once a course is full, therefore deposits are non refundable and non transferable as also are balances within 6 weeks of the courseunless due to the government advice or restrictions arising from Covid 19.  You may wish to consider appropriate insurance to cover you in the event of you needing to cancel your place for any reason. 


There will be no liability under any circumstances for any other costs other than art course fees paid to Nicola Slattery Limited - for example; accommodation , travel, similar or otherwise. You may wish to consider appropriate insurance to cover you in the event of you needing to cancel your place for any reason. 


All weekend and other art courses are offered and provided by Nicola Slattery Limited. All contracts in relation to the art courses or any other activity are with Nicola Slattery Limited. Company registered in England and Wales No. 5147718 . 


To reserve your place on any weekend art course or to check availability please call:    01986 788853   any day 9am - 9pm,

or email: 


Please pay by PayPal using the secure link near the top of the page. Alternatively email and request a PayPal invoice for either the deposit, the balance or a payment of fee in full. If you prefer to pay by any other method please email for details: 

Nearby Local Accommodation                                

All are only a few minutes walk or drive from the venue for the weekend Art Courses and art breaks with Nicola Slattery in rural South Norfolk.


coronavirus (COVID-19) Terms and conditions vary so please talk to the provider about any concerns.

With lots to do and enjoy nearby you may want to make your weekend art course part of a long weekend break or an even longer art holiday.   

Enjoy something similar when you book the nearby "Shepherds View" accommodation option via:   01986 788081

Under 10 minutes walk from the art studio

The following venues have all been hosts to several previous participants on the weekend art courses and have been recommended as friendly, comfortable and fairly priced establishments.  Several have even been featured on TV. List Updated Autumn 2022 

  • Shepherds View at Friends Farm     Alburgh              Half a mile, less than 10 minutes walk from the art studio. Two self catered "luxury shepherds huts" to choose from. The en suite bathroom includes mains toilet, basin and shower with plenty of hot water. There is also a fully functioning kitchen. It boasts a woodburning stove (free logs) and double glazing to make your stay warm and cosy. On arrival you will find home produced sausages, bacon and eggs in the fridge. (More available from the farm shop) Sleeps 1 or 2 with double bed. Around £80 per night for the hut based on 2 nights. "Surrounded by beautiful Norfolk countryside on the edge of the Waveney Valley. Shepherds View is an ideal location for birdwatchers, walkers, runners, cyclists, artists or those who choose to just relax and take in the views." Dog friendly. On site parking.  Excellent reviews from previous guests.   Find out more at:             Tel: 01986 788081
  • Wortwell Hall Barn. Wortwell, Harleston. 3 miles 10 mins by car or 45 mins walk. Dog friendly, stylish B&B featured on Channel 4 "Four in a Bed" programme. Rooms from £85 per room. Stay 3 nights and get a free evening meal on night of arrival. Very good reports from previous art course guests. Quiet location overlooking the river Waveney. Short walk to the pub.                   Dog friendly. Tel: 01986 788432
  • Glamourous Railway Accommodation.  Alburgh                    Only 4 minutes away by car or enjoy the walk of about 20 minutes or borrow a free bike and cycle - about ten minutes. The carriages have all the modern facilities you would expect from luxury accommodation are situated in traditional farm meadows in the heart of Alburgh - a quintessential country village in the beautiful Waveney Valley. Price guide: about £120 per night for two people sharing - may negotiate reduction for single occupancy - mention your art course! Min stay 2 nights.  Dog friendly. Phone: 07539 434971 mail:   Web:
  • Grove Barn, Middle Road, Denton. 4 miles, 12 mins by car. From £85 per night with discounts for 2 or more nights. Luxury ensuite bedrooms. Only a couple of miles from the studio and highly recommended by previous art course guests. Also featured on the Channel 4 "Four in a Bed" programme. . Tel: 01986 788015
  • The Duke of William B&B. Metfield - a quiet village about 15 mins (7 miles) from Alburgh. Double room from £70 with breakfast at £10 per person. Vegetarian and other options available - please ask when booking. Very good reports from previous guests.  Contact:    Tel: 01379 586371

  • The Castle Inn. 6 miles, 15 mins by car. Earsham Street, Bungay. Lovely old market town. Rooms from £85 Highly rated historic innTel: 07789 455774

  • Sir Alfred Munnings Hotel, 4 miles, 11 minutes by car. Good reviews. The Street, Mendham, Suffolk Tel: 01379 854861

The following accommodation is also available: 

  • Holly Tree House, 8 miles, 18 mins by car. High quality B&B from £75 pppn. Good reviews. Bleach Green, Wingfield, Suffolk, Tel: 01379 384 854

  • The Swan Hotel, 9 miles, 20 minutes by car, High Street, Loddon. £130 per room per night weekend rate. " We offer a range of beautifully decorated boutique bedrooms, spread over 3 areas within the external parts of the pub. Our spacious rooms have a relaxed and deluxe style, with super-comfy beds and super-powerful showers."   Tel: 01508 528039  web:

  •  Swan House. 13 miles, 25 minutes by car. New Market, Beccles. "Immerse yourself in the eccentric warmth of the Swan House, bursting with oodles of charm"  Friendly and helpful owner. Beccles is a lovely charming and historic town to visit. Tel: 01502 713474  
  • The Music Room  Earsham. About 10 minutes by car. Self catering ground floor flat.  2 nights minimum £66 per night. Great reviews. Fridge stocked for first mornings breakfast.  Phone Jane and Dave on mob 07876 798610 
  •  J D Youngs Hotel. Harleston. Hotel. Several Pubs and other food establishments nearby.   Price Guide £72 pppn single £96 double.  Traditional establishment in the heart of the town. Can be a bit lively on occasions.      Dog friendly.             Tel: 01379 852822
  • Swan Hotel. Harleston. Hotel. Former Coaching Inn dating back to the 16th Century with loads of character and still very much an Inn. Located in the heart of this old market town with easy walk to shops, restaurants and pubs. Also has its own Carvery and Breakfast is included with a single at around £60 and a double/twin from £85 per night. Featured on TV's the 'Hotel Inspector' and the traditional owner 'Inn Keeper' came out of it very well - friendly and charming! Mixed reports from recent guests with some saying no evening meal available and other issues. Please check details at time of booking. Dog friendly. Tel: 01379852221    
  • The Half Moon Inn, Rushall (about 15 - 20 mins by car) Traditional Country Inn.  "We pride ourselves in our service and attention to detail. We are dog friendly and are able to accommodate single bookings and group bookings."                      Tel: 01379 740793

  •  Starston Wood Lane, Starston (about 5 or 10 mins drive away) 
    Private room, 1 bed, 1 shared bath. A rural retreat, rather than a farm stay. The home offers far reaching views over the Norfolk countryside. This space has a large private garden, with birds, bees and flowers.  £22 per night, option of breakfast, excellent reviews.

  • The Dickleburgh Crown, 14 miles 20 mins by car.  The Street, Dickleburgh, Diss. Traditional village inn - good reviews.  
    Tel: 01379 741475

  •  Or maybe you like the out door life camping with tent or caravan? If so try the Little Lakeland Caravan Park at Wortwell. Excellent facilities including a well stocked all year FREE fishing lake (great for a non painting partner), individual hedged plots, lots of wildlife and handy for touring the best of Norfolk and Suffolk . Only a couple of miles from the venue and two friendly traditional dog friendly pubs nearby.   Dog Friendly site.  Tel: 01986 788646 

  • Can't find what you are looking for ? Please get in touch as there are many more options within only a few miles. email:   artpeople@btopenworld or call 01986 788853 (any day 9am - 9pm)

The local area is known as the Waveney Valley. It's a well known haven for wildlife. The River Waveney forms the border between Norfolk and Suffolk and is popular with anglers and canoeists. Cyclists and walkers can enjoy exploring the many quiet country lanes, paths and byways.


The old market towns of Bungay and Harleston with their many independant retailers, antique shops and galleries are just a couple of miles away. The coast is only 30 - 40 minutes away with Sothwold, Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth all worth a visit.


It is such a lovely area you may want to book your accommodation for more than the weekend art course and make it part of a longer holiday!  

 To discuss any aspect of the weekend art courses please give Nicola a call. She will be pleased to describe just what you can expect and will freely offer advice.  


Tel:  01986 788 853 -  any day 9am - 6pm.


or email : 

Please include your phone number for a call back.

Let your imagination and creativity soar on a weekend art course. 

Image: "Over Silbury Hill"  painting - acrylics on wood.

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Art Materials & Equipment:

All the art materails and equipment are supplied for all the weekend art courses and are included in the art course fee. Once you have discovered what you need and the results good materials enable you will want to purchase your own. A good place to begin is with Jackson's Art Supplies

You can visit their web site at: Jackson's Art Supplies

Please call to discuss any aspect of the weekend art courses or to reserve your place: 

Tel: 01986 788 853 

Covid 19 Risk Assessment for Nicola Slattery Limited 

For people attending a weekend art course or visiting for other reasons.

Objective: To minimise the risk of transmission of Covid 19 between people attending a weekend art course or visiting the art studio. 

Hand sanitiser, hand washing and Toilet/W.C. A dispenser of hand sanitiser is available in each area and in the W.C. Visitors are asked to apply hand sanitiser upon entry to the building. Paper towels will be available in the W.C. for hand washing and also hand sanitiser. The W.C. is dedicated on the day to use only by those on the art course. Cleaning wipes will be available along with anti viral spray. Visitors using the W.C. are asked to wipe down any areas before and after they are touched. 

Distancing: Numbers of visitors will be limited to a maximum of eight indoors, subject to changing government advice at the time. Reasonable steps will be taken to keep visitors 1.5 metres apart whilst inside the building. Tables will be spaced so people can sit 1.5 metres apart. When painting, people will generally sit in front of an easel at an individual table.  If printmaking, only one person at a time will be at the press together with Nicola who will supervise from around 1.5 metres distance where practical. Others will generally remain at their work table working on plates, etc. The 1.5 metre distance (depending on Government rules and advice at the time) will be aimed at during breaks and lunch time. Due to the narrow nature of the Kitchen only one person should use this space at a time.

Food and Snacks: Extra care will be taken to wash and sanitise. Where practical individually wrapped items will be offered - eg cakes, biscuits, etc. Cutlery and crockery will be washed in hot soapy water.

Ventilation: To increase air flow the windows in the kitchen and other rooms will be kept open throughout the period of visitors being in the building. The front door and other patio doors will be opened depending upon the weather. Heating in the studio will be increased to compensate as required. The window vent in the visitors W.C. will be left open - this also has an extracter fan. 

Vaccination: Nicola Slattery and Paul Whymark have both received two vaccines each and a booster each. Visitors are advised, if possible to get vaccinated and boosted prior to visiting but this a personal decision and there is no requirement to do so. 

If anyone has questions or concerns relating to what to expect please contact Nicola Slattery by email to or telephone 01986 788853 (any day 9am - 9pm)     

Agreed by Paul Whymark and Nicola Whymark (Nicola Slattery) Directors of Nicola Slattery Limited - Last Reviewed 3rd January 2023

Nicola Slattery trades as Nicola Slattery Limited. All weekend art courses, artworks, products and other activities are provided by 

Nicola Slattery Limited. Registered in England & Wales.  Company number 5147718

Weekend Art Courses

in 2023  

Please scroll down the page.

Studio Phone Contact:


UK: 01986 788853


+44 1986 788853

calls welcome any day

9am - 9pm UK time



Studio visits are always welcome but please try and ring the day before if possible to make sure it's open - or take a chance - you will probably find the studio open between 10am and 5pm most days including weekends. But if making a special journey please call 01986 788853 to make sure. 

Weekend Art Courses  

Phone: 01986 788853

Fantastic Rural Venue. 

The purpose built art Studio - Gallery is located down a quiet rural lane surrounded by fields, meadows and ponds. It's the perfect location for a creative weekend art course. 


This lovely south Norfolk venue has many excellent B&B's and other interesting places to stay nearby. Norfolk is well known for being dry and warm from Spring through to late Autumn with big skies and glorious sunsets. Ideal for a  weekend art break or stay a bit longer and explore the area. 


Book now for weekend art courses

Autumn 2023

The autumn in rural south Norfolk is a lovely time of year to enjoy all that the "season of mists and mellow fruitfullness" has to offer. Hedgerows laden with berries awaiting hungry Fieldfares, big dramatic open skys filled with Rooks and Gulls searching for the first ploughed field, Artists in a nice warm studio exploring their creativity.   

 Please book soon to be sure of your place and accommodation

Accommodation nearby ranges from farmhouse B&B's to traditional Country Inns. There is even a "shepherds hut" for hire just up the road from the art courses venue. South Norfolk is always worth a visit all year round with many lovely walks and interesting places to visit.

See a list of local weekend art courses accommodation below on the right.

Find out more telephone:   01986 788853

Beginners are always welcome on any of the art courses. Small group teaching of no more than ten particpants enables each person to be taught and supported as an individual and not "lost" in a crowd.


If you want to learn to paint with acrylics, develop your painting and art from imagination or to discover printmaking then one of these weekend art courses is just what you need! Expect to have fun, to enjoy yourself and to learn and develop new approaches to art.    

Call 01986 788853 to learn more.


Studio visits are always welcome but if travelling any distance please a day or so in advance to be sure it is open.

Tel: 01986 788853


If you are interested in any art work currently with a gallery please contact the gallery directly.

The art galleries are friendly and helpful and often reserve a work for a few days without obligation until you can view or make your decision. Don't worry - there is no "hard sell" from any of the art galleries Nicola Slattery exhibits with - just friendly expert advice from knowledgable professionals with a passion for art.  

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