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Nicola Slattery RBA  

"Art and painting for me is all about.... ...Imagination"

"Songbirds" is a recent acrylic painting on wood included in the 300th Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) exhibition on now until 1st April at the Mall Galleries, London.


At the exhibition opening the painting won the "Dry Red Press Award" and will now be reproduced as a greeting card by the Brighton based card publisher Dry Red Press.

See more at: the Greeting Cards page   

The Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) Annual Exhibition 2017

The Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1


This is the society's 300th Exhibition and so it is one not to miss! The exhibition includes six recent paintings by Nicola Slattery RBA and over 550 works by elected members, selected non-members and a selection of work by past members and presidents.


Exhibition Open:  on now until 1st April 2017   10am - 5pm including weekends.

'Two Butterflies and a Moth' - an acrylic painting on wood. - Available. One of six of Nicola Slattery's paintings included in the Royal Society of British Artists 300th Exhibition in March at the Mall Galleries, London.

Nicola Slattery was born in 1963 and graduated from Coventry Art School in 1986. A prolific, well known painter and printmaker, she has exhibited regularly and widely for many years in solo and group exhibitions across the UK and beyond.

"Book of Cats" Is one of several paintings by Nicola Slattery featured in the January issue of The Artist magazine.

Back issues still available - order your copy online at:  The Artist magazine



"The painting evolved from T.S. Eliot's poem about the enigmatic cat who is known by the name "Hidden Paw" The ambiguity of the subject is a perfect fit with Nicola's mysterious, atmospheric style."

The Artist, January 2017  

In 2014 Nicola Slattery won "The Alfred Daniels' Personal Favourites Award" for a narrative painting at The Mall Galleries, London. She was elected to membership of the Royal Society of British Artists in 2015. In March 2016 she was presented with "The Artist Magazine Award and subsequently featured in the January 2017 issue of The Artist  Magazine. In March 2017 she won the "Dry Red Press Award" for her painting "Songbirds" included in the 300th Royal Society of British Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. 

"The Shepherd" a recent acrylic painting on wood panel 30 x 30 cms - reserved.

"Nicola's style seems natural and uncontrived, her imagery is ethereal, soft and contemplative, in the traditions of artists such as Marc Chagall or Odilon Redon."

Susie Hodge, The Artist magazine January 2017

"Three Cups" - acrylic painting on wood. Available. Currently exhibited with the Langham Gallery Lamb's Conduit Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1

 "archetypal figures of compelling enigmatic inwardness"

Philip Vann, art critic and author of numerous books on modern British and Irish Art.

April 2015


     "..can hardly be bettered as expressions of a fertile imaginative fantasy"

Nicholas Usherwood, Galleries Magazine. April 2015

"This is magical art, pure, humorous and strong".

Sister Wendy Beckett, Television art commentator, March 2007

"Under Blossom" is an acrylic painting on wood. Available. Currently exhibited with Mandell's Gallery, Elm Hill, Norwich. Also available as a 6 x 6 inch greeting card - see below.

The painting above and the one below are amoungst those recently reproduced as greeting cards and are available to purchase online. You can get 3 lovely cards delivered (in the UK) for just £9.95. Alternatively order 6 cards at £2.50 each (+£2.50 p&p UK).  The greeting cards are individually cellophane wrapped with envelope and are professionally printed in England with quality in mind. Order today to receive your cards within 3 to 7 days - please click here to learn more or to place an order:  Greeting Cards 

"Flag of Flowers" - an acrylic painting on wood. Available.

Nicola Slattery works with imagination, feelings and emotions as a painter and printmaker. Her paintings are in public, private and corporate collections around the world. 

'Self Portrait with Leaves' - this painting was acquired by the Ruth Borchard Collection in 2015. To find out more about this amazing collection of self portraits visit:  

Painting with acrylic on wood or printmaking using the drypoint and collagraph techniques, Nicola Slattery creates figurative narative images from imagination. Her paintings have enjoyed wide audiences and favourable reviews. They have been included in many selected exhibitions including those with: New English Art Club, Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. 

"Returning" - a recent painting - medium: acrylic on wood - available.

For details and links to galleries currently showing Nicola Slattery's work please see the page:

 Galleries and Exhibitions  

To see more examples of recent paintings available for sale and details including price and size please visit the page: Recent and Available Paintings 

Nicola Slattery is well known for her distinct style of figurative - narrative paintings. She also has a background in printmaking and has introduced many people to the "Collagraph" and "Drypoint" techniques which she started teaching back in the 1980's. Since then many artists have taken up these simple and direct approaches to printmaking after discovering the techniques on one of her weekend art courses or holidays, or reading her articles on them in national art magazines. These techniques are now popular and in widespread use.


"In an age where fashion is often for all things digital, I' m pleased to have helped to pioneer and promote these hand made printmaking techniques . Although most of my energy now flows into painting there is a deep and continuing link with printmaking and I often return to these simple and direct methods of 'mark making'.  


Original limited edition prints by Nicola Slattery can be found in galleries and have been reproduced in several printmaking books including: "The Printmakers Cat", "The Artful Hare", "The Little Chicken Book" and "The Elegant Fowl" -  available from publishers Mascot Media.

See the Work Published page for link 

" Hear the Wind"


Gallery of recent original paintings for sale.



"Crown of Birds"


Gallery of hand made limited edition prints.



Weekend Art Courses   2017  - book now.

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Learn to paint or discover printmaking on a weekend painting or printmaking art course. 

Nicola Slattery runs several popular weekend art courses each year at a lovely venue on the Norfolk and Suffolk border. All art materials needed for the weekend art courses are included in the course fee.


These weekend art courses have been enjoyed by many people of varying artistic experience and ability. Some are complete beginners while others are keen to explore new ideas, artistic techniques and approaches. The weekend painting courses have a particilar focus on painting using acrylics and ideas from imagination. The weekend printmaking courses teach collagraph and drypoint techinques.     

Enjoy a lovely art break with a tutor who enjoys teaching art and has many years of experience teaching all levels of ability including complete beginners and artists looking for new approaches to art.


Please click on the Weekend Art Courses button to learn more.


There are many wonderful places to stay nearby including friendly Farmhouse B&B's, Country Inns and even some fantastic camp sites with deer, hares and other wildlife all around.




"Wild Site"

acrylic painting on wood  Available. For details see:

Recent & Available Paintings  

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